Educational institutions of France and Spain

  • International Bilingual School of Provence / France /

International School in Provence developing bilingualism in children. Subjects are in English and French, which allows students to learn equally well both languages. You can choose an international program, with the passage of the IGCSE and the transition to the IB, you can study on the French program. Then there is a combined course, where all subjects are in English and French study separately. IBS Certificate recognized by leading universities of the USA, the UK and Europe (more than 80 universities).


School miraculously combines academic England and looser, similar to the US approach to the extracurricular life of children.

In IBS there is something not found in Britain or in the United States: the amazing nature and mountain air, the warmth of the sun penetrated the south of France. And yet – proximity to other European countries, which are visited by students during the excursions.

Living and learning in Europe, in a warm climate affects children in the best way – they reveal, communicate in different languages, draw, sing, do come up with entertainment. The last final of the IBS held in the style of “The Great Gatsby” films and “007″. The children were so happy, artistic, active, there is no doubt – of IBS in France – is a place where children like to learn, relax and spend their school years.

Tuition per year: € 22,020 – € 23,509


  • King’s College / Spain /

No wonder this Spanish school bears the same name as a leading London university. It does not adhere to the lower level of quality of education, and the students take only talented and motivate children. Teaching staff and school officials are trying to recreate the atmosphere almost student – when the children are really interested in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and peers, like assignment writing – one another smarter and more interesting.

Academic Program King’s College meets British standards – you can pass the GCSE program and A-Level. If school students like to study in Spain, and he plans to enroll in a local university, there is a course of Spanish Bachillerato, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Spain for him.

King’s College is located in Madrid. It is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in Europe. Students say that the capital of Spain is often reminds them of Moscow – the historical center, business districts and green parks. So adapt to life is not difficult in a new city and country.

Tuition per year: from € 24,400

About the Author: Mary Hiter is a blogger. She is from the USA.

University of Naples, Italy

University of Naples is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Europe. It was founded in 1224 was Naples, as the state educational institution of the Kingdom of Sicily. University is named after emperor of the Holy Roman Empire – Frederick II. The University has played a huge role in the development of the Italian and world culture and science. Buildings of the university, built in the XIII century has great architectural value and attract attention of students from all countries.

Buildings and campuses belonging to the University, are located throughout the city of Naples and its surroundings. There are tens of thousands of students.

1. Faculties of Medicine and Surgery (17 institutes and 14 clinics)
2. Faculties of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences (15 institutes, including general biology and genetics, experimental physics, theoretical physics, Earth Physics, Mathematics)
3. Faculties of Pharmacology, Engineering (29 institutes, including aerodynamics, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, applied geology, electrochemical, electrical engineering, applied mechanics)
4. Faculties of architecture (10 institutions)
5. Faculties of Agronomy (11 institutions)
6. Faculties of Veterinary Faculty (6 institutions)
7. Faculty of law
8. Faculty of Economics
9. Faculty of Philology
10. Faculty of Philosophy

Those, who desire to study in Italy, will be interested to know that the students of the University have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs. Naples Students often use the service for writing the assignment helper. Also university does not have its own dormitories, but helps its students to find an affordable way to stay while studying in Naples.

All foreign students are eligible for financial assistance from the state. At the same time Italy does not impose restrictions on the majority of grants.

Moreover, especially for foreign students in Italy, there are several financial aid programs in accordance with the level of income.

The University library has more than eight hundred thousand volumes of educational literature and fiction. The library was founded in 1615.

Nearby attractions include: Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, the square and the steeple of St. Dominic, the Square and the Church of Christ the Savior, Steeple of Immaculate Virgin, Steeple of San Gennaro, Museo Civico Filangeri, Church of St. Restitution, Cathedral of Naples (Il Duomo), Pignatelli di Torrita Palace, University Federico II, Bourbon hospice for the poor, the Chapel of St. North, etc.
About the author: Federico Junior is a freelance writer. He is interested in astronomy, IT and engineering. He loves watching scientific TV shows.

Writing With Style


  1. Start your tale with relatable information. If the ‘do my homework’ call didn’t work and you have to scribble on your own, write something that is tangible and will make people look at each other and say: “That’s so true!” Describe a situation where you’ve been forced to act out of your line or answer questions you haven’t been prepared for. Imagine an everyday situation (it may be awkward or funny) each of us could have been trapped in and create rapport with your readers by making it echo with their own fables.
  2. Go on with the rhetorical question. You can open your essay with a deep thought that needs to be analyzed through and through. There is no need for you to give an immediate answer to the problem you put forward, but it has to be provoking at the very least. This way, you will grab your reader’s attention and make them return to the same idea again and again, viewing it from another angle. Begin with a question mark and reveal your thoughts on the subject as the narrative progresses.
  3. Try to avoid first-person use, if it’s not indicated in the instructions. It actually makes people think they are reading memoirs or an extract from a diary (in this case, the ‘I’ use is completely justified). If you are doing your college homework, on the other hand, and trying to impress the audience, you can select a second person narrative that is totally okay to connect with the reader. Third person is also quite good, but it sounds a bit impersonal if used continuously.
  4. Choose a style that matches your own feelings at the moment. Again, if you are given certain requirements that can’t be violated, it’s impossible to develop an individual author’s tone, but you can try. If you are sitting still and hours pass by without you actually starting to write, walk around university hall or an apartment to stimulate the process. You can talk to people (another great source of information) or just pretend that you are talking. Recording your own voice will help you concentrate and pick out sensible thoughts.
  5. Elucidate the main points at the beginning and create an outline that will make a framework of your future essay. You can write your grand finale at first, if you know exactly what you want from your target audience or illuminate the major points in the thesis. There is no need to follow a structure when you have nothing but the blueprint. Do not forget to add details and background information if you are telling a personal story.
  6. If you have to write about studying curriculum, be sure to include every part of your schedule. What seems obvious and unsurprising to you may be novelty for other people. We are all different, and perhaps the way you go about your day will help others with their routines.

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