Educational institutions of France and Spain

  • International Bilingual School of Provence / France /

International School in Provence developing bilingualism in children. Subjects are in English and French, which allows students to learn equally well both languages. You can choose an international program, with the passage of the IGCSE and the transition to the IB, you can study on the French program. Then there is a combined course, where all subjects are in English and French study separately. IBS Certificate recognized by leading universities of the USA, the UK and Europe (more than 80 universities).


School miraculously combines academic England and looser, similar to the US approach to the extracurricular life of children.

In IBS there is something not found in Britain or in the United States: the amazing nature and mountain air, the warmth of the sun penetrated the south of France. And yet – proximity to other European countries, which are visited by students during the excursions.

Living and learning in Europe, in a warm climate affects children in the best way – they reveal, communicate in different languages, draw, sing, do come up with entertainment. The last final of the IBS held in the style of “The Great Gatsby” films and “007″. The children were so happy, artistic, active, there is no doubt – of IBS in France – is a place where children like to learn, relax and spend their school years.

Tuition per year: € 22,020 – € 23,509


  • King’s College / Spain /

No wonder this Spanish school bears the same name as a leading London university. It does not adhere to the lower level of quality of education, and the students take only talented and motivate children. Teaching staff and school officials are trying to recreate the atmosphere almost student – when the children are really interested in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and peers, like assignment writing – one another smarter and more interesting.

Academic Program King’s College meets British standards – you can pass the GCSE program and A-Level. If school students like to study in Spain, and he plans to enroll in a local university, there is a course of Spanish Bachillerato, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Spain for him.

King’s College is located in Madrid. It is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in Europe. Students say that the capital of Spain is often reminds them of Moscow – the historical center, business districts and green parks. So adapt to life is not difficult in a new city and country.

Tuition per year: from € 24,400

About the Author: Mary Hiter is a blogger. She is from the USA.

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