Essay Writing with Examples

It is easy to talk about essay writing and giving advices. Scientists believe that people learn better provided with the examples. That’s why sites suggesting essay samples are far more useful than those giving few tips. The combination of effective hints and great writing examples is able to give the whole picture. So, how to write a perfect essay?

This article will offer some essay writing examples along with describing each step-by-step. An excellent way to practice in essay writing is to rewrite one’s distinguished paper with 95-100% uniqueness. Today, any paper can be checked for plagiarism, so watch out! Here is an example of paraphrasing famous John Updike piece, “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu”…

“The day was passing by in gloomy shadows. Only the sixth inning was shining bright due to the arc lights. It was always a pale sight this time of day here. The atmosphere around reminded of some funeral. These conditions did not stop Fisher from sneaking through the rocks, as well as Williams did not bat at all. As for the rest, they were all standing shocked down in the Fenway park. When two arrived, the public could only applause”.

This piece might sound too much fiction-like, but it’s just a way to develop a brilliant narrative essay. It can be a bit longer than other types of essays, plus the chronology may be avoided. In other words, pretend you’re writing a story.

Descriptive essay has a lot in common, so we’d better move on to the next, exposition type.

“Anne’s family once became a victim of a very typical for Georgia problem. They missed a chance to avoid it, so the chain of hundreds of other survivors was spread. The deal is that every single month State Park turns into a nightmare. It happens at least twice a month. Local rangers try to persuade there is nothing wrong with this area: kids are playing; couples are having good time; hikers are camping next to the pound. But it wasn’t that kind of place Johnsons had in mind when they chose this space for rest”.

This is a perfect example of exposition’s introduction as far as it includes two critical elements: story-style and intriguing last sentence.

To arm you with the teeth, one more sample is listed below. It belongs to argumentative paper type.

“The control of the weapon was and still remains too much controversial. The belief of the population that rigid gun control is capable of crime reducing is not always justified. Vice versa, there are a lot of citizens who would love to obtain the legal right to defend selves, as well as hunt free. It looks like this sort of people is penalized only for the sober wish to protect their lives and the wealth of their families. As for the hunting, it is considered an innocent sport by some while other define it as just another form of crime and violence. But who cares about “Green Piece” activists? Right, a lot. The point is that by forbidding carrying a gun, the government will break own laws. According to Constitutional rights, any human being has to safeguard its life and property. So, is there a way to solve the everlasting conflict among those who want to bear arms and those who see the world through rose-colored glasses only by excluding the weapon from it?”

It’s hard to think of a better argumentative essay introduction at the moment. This type of essay is believed to be the most complicated one as it has to consist of several crucial compounds:

-          Clear problem statement (the problem of bearing a gun in this case);

-          Relevant issue to discuss (this specific problem always exists);

-          Powerful thesis sentence.

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