How to write a 5 page essay?

So, you got into college, started your freshman year, had a few weeks of classes and suddenly…BANG! – the first paper to write. Okay, you say to yourself, I can do it. Then you look through the prompts and realize that this one is going to be the largest you have ever written.

Does it sound like you at least a bit? Then don’t panic! You have all the weapons for the fighting, you just need to learn to arrange and use them.

Even if a certain paper is longer than others, it does not mean that its structure must change. Its logic has been developing for years and now all academic circles agree on the three-part frame. In other words, you will have an introduction, the main body and conclusion.

If there are five pages to submit without references, assign half a paragraph to intro and conclusion and leave the rest for your main body. How you arrange the main part depends strictly on the kind of essay you are writing and how much evidence you have found to support your thesis. Even if you found two points worth mentioning, it might suffice, provided that you cover them in detail and with good examples. On the other hand, don’t make the common mistake of filling your main body with plenty of evidence without appropriate explanation.

As usual, every paragraph must start with a topic sentence. Your intro will contain a thesis. As there is plenty of space to use, your thesis can be formulated in several sentences rather than only one.

A good idea is to write an outline for your paper. Include all parts, their sizes in words and what points you plan to make there.

While in a short 250-word essay you can’t afford to elaborate much, this large one forces you to do so. That’s why instead of only explaining your points you should also illustrate them. You can use various sources of information and apply them all together. On the other hand, do not let your writing get aimless, your goal is to supply profuse evidence to support your thesis, and not just fill five pages with words.

This loose kind of writing is a separate point to mention. Do not think that teachers haven’t seen papers written only to meet word limits and make no mistake – they see and hate it. While you can use some semi-dirty tricks like choosing longer words and avoid contorted forms, paragraphs and even sentences of purposeless writing will be detected and punished.

Another common mistake is writing MORE than required. Some students assume that by submitting six pages instead of five they will prove that they have something to say on the topic. Don’t do that. It will not improve your grade or reputation. Word limits are set for a reason and breaking them is simply a bad tone. Moreover, it proves that you are incapable of being organized and determined in your writing.

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