Reviewing mac optimizing software MemoryKeeper

In the course of time, the memory of your Mac is becoming cluttered as a result of use of many apps. These apps consume system resources and occupy the RAM. As a result, you need either another bunch of memory or a trusted memory cleaning utility. The latter variant seems to be less money- and time-consuming.

There are already 60 million Mac users in the world, and this number is constantly growing. More and more people are striving to quality and are willing to become Mac users. Due to such high demand, more and more apps for the Mac OS X appear on the market. The App Store is full of solutions for all tastes. Lots of money and resources are spent on advertising, as app publishers face competition every day. How to choose the memory optimization tool that suits you best and that does its job as it promises?

As for me, I had never used any third-party utilities for Mac until I learned about MemoryKeeper. Unfortunately, the Mac OS X does not have a built-in memory cleaner, so I tried MemoryKeeper and had a very satisfying experience. Despite the fact that MemoryKeeper is not a native Mac OS X app, it brilliantly does its job of freeing up memory on a Mac.



When I opened MemoryKeeper, I ran a diagnostic of my system and saw that the memory of my Mac needed cleaning. The speedometer image of the app showed me the amount of memory that could be freed up. I had done the cleaning with the “Clean Memory” button and then turned on automatic memory cleanups for future uses. Such automatic memory cleanups will be running in the background without any annoying popups. You can also set up manual or automatic cleanup modes in the settings window of MemoryKeeper.

MemoryKeeper is a fantastic tool that will keep your Mac’s memory up and running. It is a quick and simple way to speed up your Mac without having to delete any files or apps. What’s more, its elegant user interface can be understood even by those who just started using a Mac.

Read the MemoryKeeper AppStore user reviews to learn how it works, or just launch a tutorial from the main page of the app.

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