University of Naples, Italy

University of Naples is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Europe. It was founded in 1224 was Naples, as the state educational institution of the Kingdom of Sicily. University is named after emperor of the Holy Roman Empire РFrederick II. The University has played a huge role in the development of the Italian and world culture and science. Buildings of the university, built in the XIII century has great architectural value and attract attention of students from all countries.

Buildings and campuses belonging to the University, are located throughout the city of Naples and its surroundings. There are tens of thousands of students.

1. Faculties of Medicine and Surgery (17 institutes and 14 clinics)
2. Faculties of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences (15 institutes, including general biology and genetics, experimental physics, theoretical physics, Earth Physics, Mathematics)
3. Faculties of Pharmacology, Engineering (29 institutes, including aerodynamics, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, applied geology, electrochemical, electrical engineering, applied mechanics)
4. Faculties of architecture (10 institutions)
5. Faculties of Agronomy (11 institutions)
6. Faculties of Veterinary Faculty (6 institutions)
7. Faculty of law
8. Faculty of Economics
9. Faculty of Philology
10. Faculty of Philosophy

Those, who desire to study in Italy, will be interested to know that the students of the University have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs. Naples Students often use the service for writing the assignment helper. Also university does not have its own dormitories, but helps its students to find an affordable way to stay while studying in Naples.

All foreign students are eligible for financial assistance from the state. At the same time Italy does not impose restrictions on the majority of grants.

Moreover, especially for foreign students in Italy, there are several financial aid programs in accordance with the level of income.

The University library has more than eight hundred thousand volumes of educational literature and fiction. The library was founded in 1615.

Nearby attractions include: Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, the square and the steeple of St. Dominic, the Square and the Church of Christ the Savior, Steeple of Immaculate Virgin, Steeple of San Gennaro, Museo Civico Filangeri, Church of St. Restitution, Cathedral of Naples (Il Duomo), Pignatelli di Torrita Palace, University Federico II, Bourbon hospice for the poor, the Chapel of St. North, etc.
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